Asking about the nature of Freewill carries the presumption that Freewill could exist.

And existence/thingness/definition generates duality, because form is dictated by contrast.

What you are is what you’re not.

So, for Freewill to exist, it must also be true that the antithesis to Freewill must also exist—let’s call that Fate.

Now we have Freewill pitted against Fate.

And here we are, wondering if we are Fated to ask questions about Freewill. Or is it our Freewill that gives us the ability to ask such a question about Fate?

What a conundrum. 

So let’s pause and take a good 30 seconds to stare at that yin-yang of Freewill-Fate.

Let your eyes go soft.

Let the edges blur.

Let the two dotted spermazoa shift as they will.


Gaze at the white side for long enough and your eyes will adjust, waver, hallucinate the white into darker and darker shades.

Confined in one dimensionality, you’ll start to see the opposite as truth.

Trapped by Freewill; freed by Fate.

If you look away at the wall, the colors will shift more concretely to their opposites: white becomes black, and black fades back into white.

And that is the nature of Freewill: it is given shape by Fate.

A molecule whose atoms revolve around its seemingly infinite space.