The question continues, “Best example: Buckminister Fuller’s geodesic dome, if built right, is the most cost effective house that has ever been designed. Why can’t we accept it?”

We wake up suddenly in this world, taking screaming first breaths.

Concussed crash-landers gasping for air.

Amnesiacs desperately gulping down the surrounding atmosphere.

And this planet's atmosphere is comprised mostly of capitalism.

Capitalism, a tool for us to make more of us. A tool for us to continue perpetuating. A tool for us to take more of those screaming first breaths.

Long before we arrived here, this creaking global structure was built with that tool.

But inevitably we become the tool of the tools we use, because the more we use them, the more they also use us.

You see, tools have their own agendas, and capitalisms goal is not our Sustainability or Sensibility.

Capitalism only wants more capitalism. For that to happen, more must be produced, printed, sought, bought, sold, used, and, above all, consumed.

And, look at us, the perfect consumers. Because the perfect consumers are addicts, and the perfect addicts start in the womb.

And we wake up screaming, capitalism already coursing through our bloodstreams. Trained to produce, print, seek, buy, sell, use, and consume.

We crash-land here as users, pre-disposed to chasing hits of built-in-obsolescence.