And how is it that my Words can be used to answer How Words Can Be Used To Define Other Words?

What persnickety widgets, these Word things are, weird combinations of lines and sounds that attempt to cleanly symbolize the white noise of reality.

Even weirder, Words are alive.

They are invisible viruses of cultural information—memes—that use our host bodies to perpetuate.

In the Beginning there was the Word.

The First Word, conceptualized ex nihilo (out of thin air).

Then, simultaneously, the virginal gamete of reality bifurcated into a zygote composed of both reality and representation of reality.

The first Word spore landed in the alphabet soup of our collective language center and began replicating, begetting another, fornicating into two more, four more, eight, sixteen and so on until our synapses became awash in a sea of Words.

Words and more Words breeding in the brain’s primordial stew, the broth getting more and more opaque with each new wild strain of Word obscuring the difference between what is real and what is perceived.

At some point, Words doubled back on themselves and became their own evolutionary agents, striving to Describe themselves, reflecting on the concept of abstraction, contemplating their own existence.

Abstractions Define Other abstractions.

Words have to Define Other Words.

The hand draws itself. The snake eats its own tail. A hall of mirrors recedes into infinity.

This is how it must be, because reality becomes the unreality of abstraction the moment it tries to Define anything about itself.